The Chuck Box, otherwise known as a camping box, camp kitchen, or patrol box can greatly enhance all of your future camping experiences.

The first time I ever experienced a camping trip with a chuck box I knew I had to have one myself.  Our Scoup troop went to summer camp, and our new scoutmaster brought his chuck box.  The whole camping experience seemed much improved as everything was so organized. Everything had its own place within the chuck box and with both sides being open, we could keep the stove open on the one side, and still have access to the contents from the other side. We had cups, plates, bowls, an assortment of kitchen utensils, spices, and various other items all so perfectly organized. Everything had its own place, whether it was for cooking or eating, or an array of other everyday items.

Rarely would we have the luxury of having a picnic table, so we would have all our items spread all over the place.  We would need to specify an area for all of our stuff, so it would fit under a tarp in the event of rain.  Even if we did have a picnic table, it would be so cluttered, it was difficult to keep things organized.

I had to have my own Chuck Box !!!

I had been an active camper for many years.  I have camped with my wife and our two children, as well as other friends.

Eventually, we began distance hiking as well, so we started accumulating hiking stoves and other items, which are generally used on hiking trips.

Certain items such as an axe, lantern, stove, dutch oven, tea kettle, were items used only on camping trips.  Becomming more organized for the packing process, as well as while we were camping was a must.

Prior to building my chuck box, I would pack for each trip.  I would go through the 'mental checklist'.  As any active camper will know, having everything packed and accessible is a must.

My chuck box design is essentially the same as the one we used at camp, but the shelf configuration and measurements are different.

Having your own Chuck Box will greatly improve your camping experience.

Advantages include:

- Make packing and unpacking much easier

- Make the camping experience much more organized

- Cook meals easier

- Have an emergency stache of supplies at home

- Have an emergency evacuation kit

In the following pages, I have included a full detailed contents list including photos explaining how everything is stored.  I have also included plans so you can build your own Chuck Box, as well as helpful tips to improvise according to your specific equipment.