- Newspaper

- small trowel 

- 2 Telescoping skewers

- Propane canister

- iso/butane canister

- coffee cup

- Wet wipes

- Hot glove

- Toilet paper

- Screwdriver

- small vinal tarp to cover the Camping Box

- Size 10 Dutch Oven with contents inside

- plastic Bowl

- hand towel

- Clock/timer

- Small sponge

- Mini chess set

- Chewing gum



The Camp Kitchen, otherwise known as a Chuck Box, Camping Box, or Patrol Box can greatly improve all of your future camping experiences.

Having a Camp Kitchen of your own will make camping more organized, as well as make the packing process much easier. Generally, everything is packed and ready to go at all times, and once certain things are assigned to certain spots within the Camp Kitchen, packing it back up once the camping trip is complete, is quite easy. 

As for me, perfection is not a factor, and I can be somewhat lazy when I am camping and packing to leave, some things such as the dutch oven, may even have food remaining, so I will simply throw it in the car, making it even easier to fit everyting within.

The contents of your Camp Kitchen may vary, and hopefully you will already have many of your Camp Kitchen contents before embarking upon building your own Camp Kitchen. 

You will have certain areas assigned to specific things, and it will become second nature to have certain things in certain places in your Camp Kitchen.  

I have created some pages to show not only my contents, but to show that it is not simply packed as full as can be, but that there is a place for everything, and everything is in its place. 

It may be difficult to 'comprehend' what is in all this clutter through the photos, therefore I have taken some photos of each compartment in my Camp Kitchen, moved some things and taken some more photos, to not only show what is stored and where, but how it is packed.

Some items are packed within other items, such as my dutch oven, or my camp stove.


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